Worth Score™

Data-driven Credit Score for Every Business

Streamline risk assessment and accelerate decision-making with a comprehensive business value score.

What’s Your Worth Score™?

Make simple decisions and drive sales velocity with the ability to instantly evaluate business risk.

Automatically calculate information for an instant Worth Score™ to further accelerate risk assessment and decision-making.

Achieve fair and standardized evaluations with consistent scoring across your customer base.

Leverage each business’s historical data to gain insights into their performance and risk profiles.

Generate a comprehensive and holistic business credit score with integrated data from 1000+ sources.

Consistent Scoring for Unwavering Confidence

Ensure consistent scoring across your entire business customer base, promoting fairness and standardization in your evaluation processes.

One Business Credit Score, Infinite Insights

Gain unprecedented insights into your business customers’ performance and risk profiles. Worth’s single predictive worth score represents the combined evaluation of diverse and historical financial data.

  • Easily see changes throughout the entire business lifecycle
  • Catch potential operational, credit, and fraud risks early
  • Anticipate future trends based on historical patterns

Easier Risk Assessment and Monitoring

Streamline the ability to determine whether a business will remain in good financial health and standing over the next 24 months. Leverage the historical data of businesses to gain insights into their performance and risk profiles.

  • Integrate more than 1000 data points from various unstructured sources
  • See a comprehensive snapshot of a business’s credit health
  • Automate monthly Worth Score™ updates, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed

Instant Worth Score™ for Every Business

Lower long-term financial risk by successfully determining a customer’s true financial worth in real-time across every stage of their business journey.

Simplify onboarding via email or text for instant access to every company’s Worth Score within your portfolio.

The Only Credit Score for Every Business

Confidently accelerate decisions and eliminate the complexity of underwriting risk management by leveraging all the power of AI.