Business Onboarding

Streamline Access with Instant Onboarding Decisions

Experience a seamless transformation in customer onboarding. Automate credit decisioning with AI-driven global credit intelligence to board customers in minutes.

Transform Onboarding Hours into Minutes

Close customers faster with onboarding capabilities that transform hours of manual checks into mere minutes.


Send potential customers a text or email with the Application Link.


Logs in and fills out information for KYC & KYB to immediately generate their business Worth Score.

Underwriting AI

Pulls in any missing information for accurate, consistent decisioning.


Customer is ready to be instantly boarded by the team.

Seamless Business Verification

Send customer a link to the application via text message and or email right straight from your Underwriting Desk.

  • Allow applicants to seamlessly connect and share data with the ability to support connections to thousands of financial institutions
  • Auto-populate associated business information for a frictionless onboarding and verification process
  • Make faster decisions with integrated KYB/KYC
  • Underwriting AI continuously reviews data, flagging and autonomously pulling key information to build out a more complete business profile
  • Leverage an AI-powered chatbot to communicate with applicants that can automatically source missing details and answer questions about the application process

Simple API & User Interface

Using Worth’s onboarding API, enable scoring across your entire portfolio of businesses to quickly onboard, evaluate, and assess risk.

  • Gain instant visibility into your portfolio’s biggest areas of risk and potential growth opportunities
  • Enable underwriting and risk teams to make rapid decisions based on onboarding and continuous monitoring scores

Automated Decisioning

Instantly onboard customers based on data-informed evaluations.

  • Eliminate the documentation back and forth throughout the application process with the ability to automatically update their business profile in real-time
  • Empower underwriting teams to confidently make quick approval decisions
  • Continuously monitor changes in business health even after the onboarding process

The Only Credit Score for Every Business

Confidently accelerate decisions and eliminate the complexity of underwriting risk management by leveraging all the power of AI.