AI Underwriting

Full Case Management Redefined with AI-powered Decisioning

Maximize accuracy and efficiency from a single view and platform

Prioritize the Right Businesses

Ensure risk and underwriting analysts focus attention on the most pressing applications instead of worrying about the entire business risk spectrum.

Reduce Account Handle Time

Cut down on underwriting handle time and manual data entry with AI-generated responses via platform, email, and web.

Streamline Case Monitoring

Increase application approval and onboarding speed with the ability to quickly view statuses of applications in-flight.

AI Underwriting Assistant

Generate personalized chatbot responses for each customer based off real-time account conversations and integrated business data.

AI-Enabled Underwriting Desk

Experience Knowledge Management at Your Fingertips. Worth’s AI Desk allows underwriters to concentrate on high priority business review processes.

  • View a full history of the applicant activity and verification statuses
  • Review all business information and relevant data for each applicant
  • Allow risk and underwriting analysts to view statuses of in-progress applications

Automated Risk Assessment and Underwriting

Utilizes artificial intelligence to enhance underwriting processes and reduce the amount of manual labor required when collecting customer information

  • Offer underwriters the ability to quickly review flagged items and request support from the AI chatbot for faster risk decisioning
  • Worth AI automatically requests additional information from the customer if needed

Interactive AI Underwriting Chatbot

Communicate directly with the AI underwriter to ask questions and obtain additional information.

  • Automatically flags specific areas of concern for applicant requiring manual review by the assigned risk and underwriting account manager
  • The AI underwriting Chat Bot replies to analyst prompt requests based off chat conversation, an internal knowledge base, and each company’s data profile

The Only Credit Score for Every Business

Confidently accelerate decisions and eliminate the complexity of underwriting risk management by leveraging all the power of AI.