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Worth Score™: Unlock Small Business Funding and Growth

Determine your true financial worth in real-time

Data Rich

Join vast quantities of financial, economic, government, social and company data together into a single, predictive score for a comprehensive view of your business risk

Accurately Predictive

Leverage powerful, intelligent algorithms to easily see changes and catch potential operational, credit, and fraud risks early

Easily Explainable

Gain detailed insights on what your business can do to improve your standing for better credit approval odds

Small Business Owner’s Dashboard

Get a snapshot of your overall business health with our robust scoring system and the unified WorthScore that analyzes thousands of data points about your business.

All-in-One Financial Management

Get a bird’s-eye view of your finances in seconds. Worth Insights connects your bank and credit cards, showing all of your income and spending in one simplified view. Aggregate cash flow and unlock spending insights to better understand your business’s financial health.

Enhance Your Online Presence

Efficiently track and control user comments, mentions, and reviews. Worth empowers small and medium businesses owners like you to directly monitor your social brand and interact directly with users.

Never Miss Tax or Regulatory Filings

Effortlessly handle all your regulatory and statutory compliance obligations. Access and review previous IRS and State tax filings, as well as quarterly and annual payroll submissions.