Predictive Risk Monitoring

Safeguard Your Business with Predictive Risk Monitoring

Stay ahead of any emerging threats or changes in risk dynamics

Swift Actioning

Respond promptly with continuously updated risk insights, ensuring a proactive approach to potential threats

Early Warning

Automatically identify warning signals and mitigate potential issues before they escalate to reduce financial losses

Loss Mitigation

Receive instant alerts on any suspicious or risky behavior, empowering your risk management team to take preemptive action

Historical Insights

Access a detailed history of alerts, enabling a thorough analysis of previous risk events to identify patterns or recurring issues.

Portfolio Overview

Gain insights into your overall risk exposure with a portfolio-level dashboard, providing a consolidated view of the risk landscape across your entire customer base.

  • Customization and Automation: Grant control to customer admins, allowing them to set rules for risk monitoring thresholds tailored to their specific needs.
  • Monitoring Status: Keep risk monitoring up-to-date with the ability to also modify monitoring statuses based on the latest information.

Alert Management

Harness the power of artificial intelligence and customization, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate risk assessment. Customize alerting rules to fit your company’s needs and provide instant awareness of potential risks.

  • Per Merchant Alerts: Dive deeper into individual merchant risk profiles by accessing alerts on a per-merchant basis.
  • In-App and Email Alerts: Receive risk notifications conveniently through the platform or directly to your email, ensuring you never miss a critical update.
  • Escalation Options: Empower your team by providing the capability to escalate risk alerts to designated users for in-depth review and actioning.

The Only Credit Score for Every Business

Confidently accelerate decisions and eliminate the complexity of underwriting risk management by leveraging all the power of AI.