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An AI-Powered Underwriting Platform With a Big Mission

By Team Worth AI
March 6, 2024 | 2 min read

Advanced artificial intelligence can fuel economic growth and equity in our financial system, making technology a force for good in fintech.

However, the conventional approach to underwriting relies on antiquated, inconsistent, and disintegrated data. 

At Worth AI, we address this significant pain point across the industry by integrating more than 1,000 pieces of financial and organizational data for the SMB market and transforming that data into actionable insights.

Our focus is training AI models to work smarter, not harder, particularly in tasks like underwriting and risk management. 

Meet Our Leadership Team

Worth AI is the brainchild of fintech veterans and Stax Payments founders Sal Rehmetullah and Suneera Madhani. 

Our Co-Founder and CEO, Sal, is no stranger to the challenges of enterprises. 

He draws from a decade of experience in large organizations, leveraging advanced technologies to solve complex problems. 

With a fintech background, he actively participates in the AI revolution, steering our financial systems forward.

His favorite part of the Worth AI technology is the “Netflix-like” predictability of the platform that allows enterprises to harness the vast digital footprints of SMBs available today. 

Streamlining these processes allows you to save time and allocate resources towards innovation.

Stepping back into her role as a fintech startup Co-founder and CEO, Suneera is passionate about small businesses’ pivotal role in our economy. 

SMBs are the key to building wealth for women and marginalized communities, the fastest-growing and most diverse segment of business leaders. 

By implementing AI, we can provide enterprises with the data they need to underwrite these businesses better and faster. This will help unlock financial access for more people. 

Our founders also have a personal connection to SMBs. Coming from a family of immigrant small business owners adds depth to our mission of equitable AI-powered financial decisions.

Our edge lies in real-time, data-driven insights, seamlessly delivered through an intuitive interface, tailored for the forefront of finance—banks to fintech disruptors. 

It’s not just about the sleek design; it’s about empowering financial pioneers with the tools for tomorrow.

Schedule a personalized demo now to witness our technology in action and explore tailored solutions for your organization.