AI Data Driven Credit Score For Every Business.

Streamline risk assessment and accelerate decision making with a comprehensive financial score.

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Underwriting Risk Management

With real-time business authentication, Worth's underwriting platform streamlines the onboarding process to help you deliver a more seamless experience, to include IDV, KYC, KYB.

AI-Enabled Case Management

Empower underwriting teams to make more dynamic decisions from one, holistic dashboard combined with the support of an AI Underwriting assistant.

Predictive Risk Monitoring

With exclusive access to business finances in real-time, go from static to dynamic alerting with greater accuracy in forecasting the health of every business within your portfolio.

Comprehensive Business Score

Automatically calculate all information for a single, live Worth Score™ to further accelerate risk assessment and decision-making.

Worth's Risk Management and Underwriting Platform

Worth offers a consolidated platform for AI-powered underwriting and onboarding activities, eliminating manual tasks and providing continuous risk monitoring.

Instant Onboarder

Automate credit decisioning with AI-driven global credit intelligence to drive instant onboarding for your customers in minutes.

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AI Underwriting Desk

Full Case Management streamlined for your team in a singular view and platform.

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Portfolio Insights & Analytics

Gain visibility into key risk indicators to drive actionable results while managing your portfolio.

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Predictive Risk Monitoring

Continuously underwrite customers rather than just at the point of approval to flag company valuation changes in an ever-changing market.

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Business Credit Score (Worth Score™)

Benefit from a single business credit score that represents the combined evaluation of diverse data, simplifying risk assessment and decision-making processes.

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Empowering Businesses with Innovative Credit Scores

Industries We Work With

Our AI-Powered Risk Management tools are designed with you in mind. At Worth, we’ve built a platform to meet the demands of today's most dynamic industries.

The Only Credit Score for Every Business

Confidently accelerate decisions and eliminate the complexity of underwriting risk management by leveraging all the power of AI.